Do you want to know who is behind the success of Bcn House School?

Hello there! We are Laura and María, founders of Bcn House School and our aim is and will be to offer you the best quality and results in online language teaching.

And who are Laura and María?

We are certified Spanish teachers for foreigners who have been teaching for over twenty years with absolute dedication and true vocation. We do know what you need to learn a language quickly and efficiently. Years ago we challenged ourselves to create our own school and the pandemic rushed us overnight into transforming our physical schools into a modern online one. After two years working online we have proved that it is possible to offer a learning experience with equal or even better results that in-person format. We are here to place at your disposal all our experience and enthusiasm in order to include Spanish language as one of your new skills. Bcn House School is meant to be online.



Random things about me…

I love going to bars and good restaurants.
I am a fan of The Pixies.
I love travelling.
I like talking to strangers.
I support Barça football club (but not Messi…)
Favorite movie genre: Horror movies.
A weakness: I am a morning coffee addict.
An obsession: I can’t sleep if there is any light.
What am I passionate about? : Planning a good trip.
What do I love? : Going to a concert of any of my favorite bands.



Some hints about me:

I like eating sweets and spending time with my dog, Pancakes.
I do nothing without some background music.
I love Christmas time with my family.
My favourite season is spring.
My favourite film is Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
An obsession: I can’t sleep with my feet covered.
Something weird about me: I love dipping biscuits in water.
I don’t like going outside when it is raining and I don’t like my favourite series to end.

If you want to know us a bit better…

Laura round

My name is Laura

I was born in Barcelona as the youngest of four siblings. My brothers made me wise up really quickly and taught me to not let them take me for a ride that easily. I you have any siblings you will know what I am talking about. It is basic survival instinct. As far as I can remember, whenever I was asked what I wanted to do for a living when I grew up my answer was always the same: being a teacher. I graduated in Hispanic Philology at the University of Barcelona and I majored in teaching Spanish to foreigners. One day, I decided to make a change in my life and got interviewed to be a teacher in Las Vegas. I was chosen and there I went, starting teaching in public secondary school in USA. That experience was life changing, but if you want to know more we should talk about it over a cup of coffee. I have been teaching for 21 years, not only with private lessons but also in all types of language schools, universities and companies. I consider myself a real professional in teaching. I am very lucky to be working in a job that allows me to give my best and to learn new things every day. And above all, to get to know people from all over the world. In my job, each day is a new adventure and you never get bored. Could I ask for more?

What do students say about Laura?




Laura has been an extraordinary person during all the 6 months of my Spanish courses and this totally reflects not only her work but also her personality. The classes were totally adapted to my needs, and she was always there to clarify my doubts about the correct use of the Spanish language. I feel lucky to have her as a teacher as I have loved Spanish and have learnt a lot about the Spanish culture.’’

Maria round

My name is María

I was born in Madrid and I have always been passionate about Grammar and Foreign languages. I am a curious open minded person and I love travelling and meeting new cultures. I graduated at Drama Arts and I started my teaching path as a drama and performance teacher. Years later, pursuing my passion about foreign languages I moved to London in order to improve and polish my English skills. I was lucky to have a teacher who made learning English a fun thrilling experience. I decided then to combine my two passions: teaching and languages. Therefore, I went back to Spain and majored in teaching Spanish as a second language. That was the best decision I ever made. I love my job! I always knew that in my professional career I wanted to be my own boss. That is why, years ago, I started to develop the idea of creating a school where I could offer not only a learning process but also the experience of an immersion in Spanish language and culture to my students. Ever since, I have learnt from my own experience as a student as well as a teacher in order to provide the best quality. My aim is clear: to create a new school with a unique and pleasant learning process.

What do students say about Maria?




Maria is not only a very kind, friendly and fun person, but also a great teacher. I have been learning Spanish with her for over a year now. I started from scratch and today I am able to communicate with other people, watch films and read books in Spanish. With her educational skills, her patience and her tireless motivation the hours of class with Maria go by super fast and are also a lot of fun - we laugh a lot! It feels like talking for an hour with a friend, a friend who knows a lot about her country and its history. Maria is also able to explain the Spanish grammar in a very structured and understandable way. Apart from grammar, I learn a lot about Spanish culture, Spanish traditions and food - Maria is an endless source of recommendations for the best restaurants in Barcelona! I have never met such a great teacher in my life.

If you have come this far and you have reached the conclusion that we are the right choice for you, let’s go back to School and find the perfect course for you!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.